Elgin Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)

Welcome to the Electronic Parts Catalog for Elgin. Within you will find parts manuals for every current Elgin product. Each manual contains relevant drawings and parts lists for the assemblies that make up the machine as a whole. The purpose of the EPC is to provide you with the most up‐to‐date parts information available.

Service Training

To assist our users, we offer a comprehensive curriculum of hands on and classroom technician training courses. Service, repair, and maintenance of various Elgin sweeper models are the focus. All levels are welcome from beginner technician to seasoned mechanic. Click here for a schedule and description of available courses. Registration can be made online.

OEM Brooms

All Elgin brooms are engineered to function precisely with the sweeper's key systems. Manufactured to strict OEM specifications, these brooms provide superior sweeping and longer life on Elgin sweepers than "will-fit" brooms. Exceptional sweeping begins with an exceptional broom.

Rebuild Program

Make sure your Elgin Sweeper is operating at maximum performance with the Rebuild Program. The inspection and installation are performed by factory-authorized and factory-trained Elgin dealers. Contact your local dealer for more information.

This comprehensive PROGRAM includes:

  • • Vehicle inspection report and recommendation
  • • Genuine OEM replacement parts
  • • Installation and testing
  • • 10% parts discount for qualifying vehicles

This comprehensive SERVICE includes:

  • • Evaluating equipment condition/appearance
  • • Egineering improvements
  • • Testing equipment to factory specifications
  • • Restoring equipment to "like new" performance

Service Cloud

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