Elgin® Sweeper Brooms

Elgin® Sweeper brooms are engineered to function precisely with the sweeper’s key systems. They are manufactured to strict OEM specifications. When used properly, these brooms provide superior sweeping and longer life on an Elgin Sweeper. Exceptional Elgin sweeping begins with an exceptional broom!
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Elgin® Conveyor Belt

Elgin Sweeper's goal is to make advancements and adopt innovations to provide the best OEM sweeper parts available. Elgin strives to produce OEM parts that will offer better sweeping performance, a greater value and a longer useful life. With this in mind, Elgin has re-designed the Pelican® and Eagle® OEM conveyor belts with advanced materials to provide these exciting features and benefits!
Elgin® Conveyor Belt

Chevron Conveyor Belt

This revolutionary belt design again shows why Elgin is the leader in the sweeping industry. Through exhaustive research and testing, Elgin® has come up with the Chevron Belt, a new design that offers so much more than a standard belt. Elgin is committed to producing OEM parts that provide superior sweeping performance, a greater value and a longer useful life.
Chevron Conveyor Belt

WearMax Carbide Drag Shoes

WearMax Carbide Drag Shoes go the distance. Mining Grade Carbide is one of the most toughest, most durable metals produced today. It’s made specifically to stand up to constant, abrasive wear conditions, like all sweeper shoes must endure ….hour after hour, mile after mile.
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Aggressor is Elgin's® line of extreme-duty replacement parts designed for longer performance and service.
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Elgin OEM Performance Matched Part

Don't get swept up in "will-fit" myths. There's no substitute for an Elgin OEM Performance Matched Part.
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Elgin Mobile Camera System

A Multi-Camera System for Safer Operation of Any Elgin Sweeper
Elgin Mobile Camera System

Side Broom Tilt and Tilt with in-cab position indicator

Side Broom Cleaning made easier with Elgin Sweeper’s Side Broom Tilt
Side Broom Tilt and Tilt with in-cab position indicator