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Street Sweepers For Every Situation

Elgin Street sweepers utilize the latest sweeping technologies – mechanical broom sweepers, vacuum sweepers, regenerative air sweepers, waterless dust control street sweepers, alternatively fueled, and high-efficiency filtration – to ensure you have what it takes to get the job done. From general street sweeping maintenance to contract sweeping, special industrial sweeping to airport sweeper applications, Elgin puts customers in the sweeper they can rely on day after day, year after year.

Air Street Sweepers - Vacuum sweeper and regenerative air sweeper technologies use air to suck (vacuum) or pressurized and vacuum air to suck and lift (regenerative) material into a debris body, or hopper.
Broom Street Sweepers - Mechanical, or broom sweeper, utilize a main broom for picking up debris, which is then sent to a conveyor and ultimately lands in a debris body, or hopper.
Specialty Street Sweepers - Elgin Sweepers are engineered to address a number of unique sweeping needs, including picking up glycol, fine particulates and the particular needs of airport sweeping, like airport foreign object debris (FOD).
Waterless Dust Control - Street sweepers often need to meet rigorous environmental specifications, such as water conservation, or eliminating dust in applications where water cannot be used. Or have a requirement to sweep year round regardless of weather. The Elgin Waterless dust control system picks up bulky material down to fine particles without the use of water for dust control.
Alternative Fuel Sweepers - Most Elgin Sweepers are available with alternative fuel sweepers, including systems such as Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG).
Used Street Sweepers - Elgin Sweepers are renowned for long, productive sweeping lives. If you aren’t able to consider new or if you prefer used, please contact your local Elgin dealer for a large selection of quality used and refurbished sweepers for sale, as well as sweeper replacement parts.