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Elgin Crosswind® Specialty Track Sweeper

The Elgin Crosswind Specialty Track Sweeper was designed exclusively for race track sweeping. It features a powerful fan, poly side brooms, a softwall hand vacuum and a powerful side air blast. The Elgin Crosswind track sweeper has passed the most rigorous tilt tests required and has been extensively used during race events across the country for high speed sweeping on highly banked tracks, removing oil absorbent material and assisting in the drying of wet track areas.

The Elgin Crosswind Specialty Track Sweeper is specially suited for steep banked race tracks in need of routine maintenance as well as race event sweeping and emergency response clean up.


Auxiliary Engine John Deere® 4045TF I w/ Shared Power
Powerful Blower Constructed of HARDOX brand steel for maximum service life
Sweeping Vacuum System 20,000 CFM  |  567 cu m/min.
Dumping Height Ground level
Sweeping Path Max 12 ft.  |  3658 mm
Hopper Capacity 8 cu. yd.  | 6 m3
Water Capacity 240 gal  | 908 l
Dump Location Rear
Chassis Conventional or Cab-Over
Travel Speed Highway Speeds
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