Catch Basin Screens
The general purpose of catch basic filtration is to keep street level contaminants from entering the storm sewer system and causing storm water pollution. Catch basin devices differ significantly in their ability to capture small particles and in their holding capacity. The most commonly used versions filter trash from storm water runoff and other water runoffs and have a capacity of a few hundred pounds. Catch basin devices act as a last chance removal BMP, best used in conjunction with street sweepers.

What is it?
A catch basin screens is essentially a large, coarse screen that can be placed at the opening of the catch basins at street level, or installed inside of the catch basin. The screens are constructed of a noncorrosive metal such as stainless steel. Catch basins with flow restrictors don’t effectively remove pollutants by themselves ( but can be used in conjunction with other practices.

How does it work?
During intense weather events, catch basin covers act like a large colander – they prevent larger debris from entering the sewers with storm water. To maintain catch basin inserts, a combination sewer cleaner such as a Vactor can be utilized to remove collected material from the trap.

More information
Check out the EPA’s Fact Sheet on the advantages, disadvantages and maintenance recommendations for catch basins: download PDF 

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