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Municipal Sweeping Applications

Street Sweeping/General Maintenance Sweeping

The most common municipal application is general maintenance sweeping, which happens on a regular schedule in most cities. Generally, this means sweepers that can handle picking common gutter debris, half of which is within about six inches from the gutter into the street. Most material is light, including sand, dirt, sticks, grass and small litter.

Suitable Sweepers

The full line of Elgin sweepers are appropriate for street sweeping and general maintenance, and can be equipped with a variety of options to customize to any specific applications.

Leaf Removal and Pine Cone and Needle Sweeping

In the fall, when gutters tend to fill with leaves rather than dirt. Leaves and pine cones are typically light and bulky, and can be difficult for many sweepers because they climb over brooms when extremely dense. Pine needles often bunch up and can be difficult to load.

Suitable Sweepers

The full line of Elgin sweepers can be used for these tasks. From the mechanical side, the Elgin Pelican and the Elgin Eagle, the belt sweepers, have a slight advantage over squeegee for handling mass amounts of material. The pure vacuum sweeper, the Elgin Whirlwind, can be the most effective, especially considering the exhaust methodology.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Some municipalities combine their street sweeping with their catch basin cleaning, which means they need the ability to lift leaves, silt, sand, gravel and litter out of the catch basin. Cleaning catch basins regularly prevents streets from flooding and keeps the rain run-off flowing as desired.

Suitable Sweepers

Air machines are perfect for combination sweeper and catch basin cleaning, if equipped with a boom style hose or catch basin cleaning hose feature. The boom style hose options allow for ease of operation and better maneuverability of the hose over a catch basin. The Elgin Whirlwind, Elgin Megawind and Elgin Crosswind are all excellent options for a combination sweeper catch basin cleaner. A hand held hose or litter hose is not suitable or durable enough for this application.

Year Round Street Sweeping

Cold or northern climate municipalities experience freezing temperatures and need to sweep material year round, such as sand, gravel, silt, traction sand, salt residue and cinder. This type of sweeping cannot be done with water for dust suppression, given the possibility of freezing both to the street and the sweeper components.

Suitable Sweepers

Mechanical sweepers are often the best choice for this application. However, in areas where dust is a problem or concern that dried sand and salt may result in dust when sweeping, waterless/dry dust control sweepers are an excellent option. The Elgin Waterless Eagle and the Elgin Waterless Pelican are both suitable for year round, cold weather sweeping as they control dust with a vacuum system and specially designed skirting around the brooms. If air is the preferred technology; the solution is the Crosswind NX is equipped with a high efficiency air filtration system that can be effectively used with significantly reduced water. (It is important to note that running an air sweeper without the use of water can adversely affect the components causing premature wear as material may be drawn through the system and into the fan.)

Spring Clean Up and Heavy Duty Sweeping

Sand, gravel, silt, salt and traction sand often accumulate in northern climates after a winter of reduced sweeping, and require rugged sweepers that are strong enough for the task. This material is often very heavy and compacted and requires a powerful broom and conveyance action to dig out and remove it from the surface.

Suitable Sweepers

Mechanical sweepers are typically the best option, as they are best suited for conveying large quantities of heavy material, making the Elgin Pelican, Elgin Eagle, Elgin Broom Bear and Elgin Road Wizard excellent options. Air sweepers can be overwhelmed with the amount of clean up and the heavy nature of this material.