Year Round Street Sweeping
Cold or northern climate municipalities experience freezing temperatures and need to sweep material year round, such as sand, gravel, silt, traction sand, salt residue and cinder.  This type of sweeping cannot be done with water for dust suppression, given the possibility of freezing both to the street and the sweeper components.

Suitable Sweepers
Mechanical sweepers are often the best choice for this application. However, in areas where dust is a problem or concern that dried sand and salt may result in dust when sweeping, waterless/dry dust control sweepers are an excellent option. The Elgin Waterless Eagle and the Elgin Waterless Pelican are both suitable for year round, cold weather sweeping as they control dust with a vacuum system and specially designed skirting around the brooms.  If air is the preferred technology; the solution is the Crosswind NX is equipped with a high efficiency air filtration system that can be effectively used with significantly reduced water. (It is important to note that running an air sweeper without the use of water can adversely affect the components causing premature wear as material may be drawn through the system and into the fan.)