Contractor Sweeping Applications

Municipal Sweeping

Many public works departments hire sweeping contractors to perform the basic street maintenance sweeper duties.

Suitable Sweepers

Any of the full line of Elgin Sweepers are appropriate, and can be customized to any specific additional applications.

Road Construction

Road construction contractors need sweepers that can handle all manner of heavy material including broken pavement, asphalt and concrete millings, mud and construction debris. These sweepers must have the ability to dump into staged dump trucks so as not to have to leave the road construction site to unload.

Suitable Sweepers

When it comes to choosing a sweeper, the Elgin Road Wizard is easily the best choice, because of its dual engine power, the size of the hopper, which is the largest in its class, durable squeegee conveyor system and road speed capability. If a contractor wants the flexibility of belt pickup, the Elgin Eagle is an outstanding choice, and for contractors who need single engine simplicity, sweepers such as the Elgin Broom Bear are also excellent options.