Airport Sweeping Applications

General Tarmac, Grounds Maintenance

Typical airport sweepers would need to handle general maintenance sweeping of roads, gate areas, and the tarmac. Material found at airports is usually gravel, sand, small debris or litter.

Suitable Sweepers

If an airport sweeper application is to be solely for the purpose of general maintenance sweeping of the grounds any of the full line of Elgin Sweeper products would be suitable but must be equipped with poly side brooms for safety consideration in the event of wire bristle breakage near jet intakes, exhaust and tires.

High Speed Runway

Many airports maintain sweepers for their high-speed runway sweeping and other airport sweeping to keep runways free of foreign object debris. The most important features of these sweepers are the ability to sweep large, flat surfaces at high speed and be capable of picking up the typical material found on runways, like pea gravel, sand, small metal object, such as nuts and bolts, and pieces of vegetation.

Suitable Sweepers

The Elgin Crosswind and Crosswind FSX are both excellent options for runway sweeping with the large regenerative air pick up head ideally suited for flat surfaces. The Crosswind FSX is equipped with a specially designed head for fast, flat surface sweeping applications. Both sweepers can be equipped with poly side brooms, a powerful side air blast to blow material off a runway and away from any runway lighting.

Glycol Recovery

Many airports have requirements for picking up of deicing fluid (glycol) used to deice planes, which may then run off onto the gate area surface or runway waiting, and which require special airport sweepers. Environmental regulations generally require this be cleaned up before the material can flow into the storm drain system and mix with storm water runoff.

Suitable Sweepers

The Elgin product line offers the Crosswind GRS (Glycol Recovery Sweeper), a sweeper specifically designed for glycol recovery. The Crosswind GRS is a multi-purpose machine that can collect and remove glycol during a snow event, but also be used for basic maintenance sweeping. Crosswind GRS sweeper may be equipped with options that allow for pump off or decanting of the fluid without compromise to sweeping capability.